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Kenny Isbell


Randy Mcfarland


Taylor Worre


Sam Musso


Steven Smallwood


Karol Fletcher


Board Member Information

Kenny Isbell 

After graduating from Baylor University with a B.A. in Biology (Pre-Med), Kenny was hired by Lockheed Martin as a NASA Astronaut crew trainer & logistics specialist. He worked in the Life Sciences Division and was able to work with the crews of two Space Shuttle missions while there.

Kenny decided to join Apache Oil in 1996, a family oil business his father started back in 1971. Apache is a fuel and oil distribution company in the greater Houston area. They are lubricants distributors of Shell, BP Castrol, Phillips 66, Houghton Metalworking products, Baldwin Filters, Fuels & Chemicals. They service the industrial, automotive and transportation industries. They are also Turnaround/Shutdown fueling specialists and have a complete Emergency Fueling Division for responding to natural disaster needs. He is a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), has served on the Shell Distributor Advisory Council and focuses the majority of his time on business development and has grown the company from a small family business into a multimillion dollar enterprise.

In 2005, he diversified into the real estate industry and has become a real estate professional and investor.

He has a passion for helping people with Start-Ups, Digital Online Marketing, Real Estate Coaching & Social Networking. More importantly, he’s able to mentor people financially by giving them the tools and support they need to successfully build their own business, accomplish their financial goals, and diversify their income streams. He is honored to have an incredible team of colleagues around the globe.

Specialties: sales, marketing, fuel and oil distribution, home based business, entrepreneurship, health, philanthropy, operations, management, real estate investing


Randy McFarland

 After attending Texas A&M with a degree in Architecture, Randy went on to attend Oral Roberts University and graduated with a degree in  Bachelor of Science with a major in Theology.
He began a career as an Insurance Adjuster and then built an environmental business from the ground up. Recognizing trends he found an opportunity to help people around the nation on a larger scale and founded Southwest Adjusters in 2003, an adjusting firm handling claims across the United States and helping families put their lives back together one household at a time. After over a decade of success as a leading edge company in his field he continues to be involved with his company. He now diversified into the real estate industry and has become a real estate professional and investor of commercial and multi family housing. He also enjoys doing philanthropic work and spending time with his family – He has been blessed with an amazing Godly wife and 5 wonderful daughters.


Taylor Worre

Taylor Worre had an opportunity to be mentored by some of the greatest names in motivational speaking world from an early age. From his father, Eric Worre who owned a TV network in the 90’s, to the great Les Brown, and Tony Robbins – Taylor was blessed to have his life spoken into by so many successful men and women from around the world.

Taylor most recently worked as international director of communications in the network marketing industry, where he built and maintained relationships with global field leadership. Prior to that, he worked as vice president of sales for OneSource Promotions. He has also worked as account executive at Cache Media Works Production, where he worked with some of the top earners in direct selling, helping build their personal brands and tell their stories through video.

Now Taylor is the Director of New Leader Experience for a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ - a 200 Billion Dollar Utah, NV based company, LifeVantage. Ticker symbol LFVN

Taylor has a heart for people and making a difference in the world. He loves philanthropic work and was honored to join us in making an impact with Faith for the Future. Helping special needs children and their families all across the United States.


Sam Musso

Sam has done work with his boys for charitable organizations. Groups like the HCA Hospital Foundation, Autism Speaks, and Disney were part of the legacy the Musso family wanted to participate in.  Mr. Musso is the CEO of M3 Entertainment managing film, tv, and music talent. 

Sam’s son Mitchell Musso is best known for his Disney Channel role as Oliver Oken in Hannah Montana. He's also the voice of Jeremy Johnson on Phineas and Ferb. Along with acting, Musso also dedicates his star power to helping children and animals in need.

Mason Musso, another of Sam’s sons, is the founder of the band Metro Station. Metro Station is an American pop rock band that was formed in Los Angeles by singer Mason Musso and bassist/guitarist Trace Cyrus. In late 2006, the band signed a recording contract with Columbia Records and RED Ink Records. The band is best known for the top 10 Billboard hit single "Shake It" from the group's self-titled debut album. Mason was also inspired by Sam to work with the HCA Hospital Group and other philanthropic organizations.

Steven Smallwood

Chairman of the Board

Steven has always been a focused individual. His drive for success in the business world has led him down a path that formed many friendships and business relationships that have shaped him into who he is to today. Ultimately, it’s the mentors in his life along with his family who’ve brought home the desire to leave a Legacy behind when he’s done.

Steven has business interests in several industry’s. He co-owns an insurance adjusting school where they train adjusters and provide the skills needed to ensure people are taken care of properly while also

maintaining the integrity of the company that insures them. He also co-owns a marketing & consulting firm to increase the business footprint in the social space for individuals and celebrities. Plus he is part owner in an newly formed limited liability company that works directly in the network marketing industry with a longtime friend and business associate.

Ultimately, Faith for the Future came from his and Chastity’s experiences with their daughter Elizabeth. Realizing that many children out there and many of the families as well just need someone to stand in the gap and help them to rise up again and continue the fight


Karol Fletcher

Karol Fletcher has been an entrepreneur her whole life. Upon getting the travel bug at an early age, exploration was a natural. Fairmont Travel became a reality, after 13 years’ experience in the industry, with its opening in 1992. "There isn't a part of the world I do not want to explore" is a daily mantra.

Giving back to her community is very important. From fundraising, helping at charity events, political gatherings or even hosting events at her home.

"I feel God gave me a purpose and I should not ignore it. I will never know what the cause and effect of my life will have on the future or people I meet, so I need to make sure I live it the right way". If you have a gift, it should be shared. – Karol Fletcher –

Chastity Smallwood


Chastity has always had a passion for helping people since she was very young. Being a doctor was her childhood dream. She has always been fascinated with the body and the millions of things that you would have to know to understand it. 

As soon as she was old enough for the volunteer program at the hospital, she volunteered in the cardiology wing at the hospital. She also volunteered in the administrative department at a charity organization that help women know of all the other options over abortion.  Out of a weird coincidence she ended up going into a military program that prepped kids for going into the military. Thus began her idea of becoming a military doctor. She also was a certified nursing assistant before she was out of high school, and would have started working as one as soon as she could, when she meet Steven.

They ended up getting married and having Lizzy, who is the light of her life.

She says God works in mysterious ways. She had so many idea about what she was going to do with her life and how she was going to help people, but God had other ideas.  All those experience in her my life, from helping others to taking care of her amazing daughter has lead her here to help with this foundation and she is more than ready.